Xaml files showing as ReadOnly in UiPath Studio

Can you please explain @aksh1yadav ? i have an attented robot on a vm after a move the project on a vm, i have the same error

Hey @tharuler

It would be great if you can share your Studio version.
As said with 2016.2 it may be possible your license is runtime.

if still not sure then you can also use a uipath diagnostic command line utility to generate a useful insights about log, licenses etc.


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I had this problem, the solution is to rename project.json and open the project again.

Hope this helps.


Paula Cupertino.


The renaming worked for me as well . Thanks !

Hey, in case you’re using your .xaml straight from a ZIP folder, this issue might come.

Try extracting the zip folder and then running all the files. Might work.

Good luck

hi @aksh1yadav i think i have runtime lisc only ,. how can i upgrade , . do i have to pay anything, everytime i connect robot to orchestrator, . studio restricts me from editing or making new project ?

Please provide the user with the studio robot license, after which you will be able to edit. I to face the same issue

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This is due to the type of license: to edit, you need to place the license as RPA DEVELOPER or RPA DEVELOPER PRO in Orchestrator. Just change that solves! =)


It is helpful :blush: . Changing the license type to RPA Developer Worked.

Just open file location and then Check the properties of that files if read only is in checked :white_check_mark: try to uncheck and apply. It’s working for me

Thank you,