Xaml files showing as ReadOnly in UiPath Studio




Any idea as to why all the .xaml files in my studio would be showing as ReadOnly?

I cannot modify any of the sequences in any of the files! Please help!




Please make sure your robot is not executing. Go to Execute tab from the menu and then click Stop.


The robot is not executing



Do you tried execute or open the file through source folder ?



Could you please elaborate what you mean?


Most probably you are using FOR license i mean Attended(Front Office Robot) License then you will see this Read only mode.

Check it once.



We were given a license that stated we were allowed to use the studio on two machines. The license has been activated on both machines but only one machine is allowing edits - could this be why? How do I resolve?



Well if you have an activated studio then check that .xaml file properties. have you copied it from other system? or


Were you able to resolve this? we are facing the same issue currently


The xaml file is read only ? (Right click -> properties on the file).

What version do you use ?


we are currently using 2016.2.6274
We have just switched to orchestrator, and have a new ‘universal’? license for 3 Unattended Robots and 5 Dev Robots and 1 Non-Production.
Now that we have updated to the new key, this is only allowing the unistudio to be opened in read only mode- cannot edit the code & cannot create a new project


It seems that you have only Runtime license. In 2016.2 with this license you are not allowed to use studio (only robots).


Would we need to have a separate license key for studio?