.xaml Files Always Open with Community Edition

Recently I upgraded from the Community Edition Studio to Enterprise Edition Studio. I had .xaml files by default open with the only CE .exe, version 2019.9.2 which doesn’t cooperate with my project.json files as they are now moved over to cooperate with Enterprise version 2019.4.4.

Even when I right click the .xaml, click “Open with…” and then select the UiPath Enterprise .exe as the default launcher it still tries to launch from CE. Any idea why this is happening or how I can change this? Is there a safe way to delete only CE from my machine? I’d like to remove it since it also created a duplicate UiPath Robot app which is named identically unfortunately, so that caused some issues initially as well.

do we have both CE and Enterprise edition in same machine
Cheers @mike.vansickle

Yes, as stated, I have recently upgraded to Enterprise, but the CE files/executable remained on my machine. I didn’t want to uninstall it without confirming it wouldn’t delete all the relevant UiPath Documents etc I’ve worked on and ported to Enterprise. Both versions are currently on the machine, I’d like to get rid of CE.