WYSE Emulator Type not supported in Terminal Activity

My mainframe application is Tiny Term and my connection is using WYSE60 emulator type. I have no idea to create a profile from current session and neither WYSE is an option when I tried direct connection type.

I repeatedly get terminal connect error or critical internal error when trying other options. Does anyone have any experience with mainframe and can help brainstorm some ideas?

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Working with mainframe applications is tricky and even more interesting if it’s an internal application of the firm.

We faced similar issue for one of our client’s mainframe application and that was resolved by turning off the script restriction of that application, whitelisting the robot services in firewall and in the Java Settings.

We tried other emulator options but WYSE60 turned out to be a good choice.

The infrastructure team can help more.

Thanks bud - Did you eventually using Uipath Terminal Connection wizard. If so, do you recall the connection details? Like for this…

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For the very scenario, TN3270 was used with provider as Attachmate Reflection, that requires additional resource to be installed.

Again, interaction with mainframe is tricky for firm altered applications. You may need to have some coffee with the application owner or team to get don’t details.

Direct Connection uses the built-in UiPath terminal client. It doesn’t use third party clients. The third party clients you can use are listed in the pulldown along with Direct Connection.

Anyway, don’t use third party clients. Use Direct Connection. It is more stable and faster. And you can even have automations run without the terminal client window appearing.

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That’s what I hope too. However, my connection is SSH. Using the wizard will return this error

Just using the connection string along, I wonder how would you even navigate through different screen and commands?

Hope you would shed some lights.

Would there be any alternative to terminal activity? Like treating it as a desktop application…

The recorder isn’t particularly useful. You can’t pick up where you left off, it’s a one shot deal. Terminal automations are simple step-by-step enough to just manually add the steps/activities.

You still have to use a third party terminal client to document your steps, then code those steps into your automation. Unfortunately the UiPath terminal client cannot be used for manual input. The recorder can’t, either.

Do not try to treat a terminal window as a desktop application. Terminal automation, and the relevant activities, are very simple.

Thank you both Paul and Rahul. To summarize, after discussing options with the internal Mainframe guys and Uipath support team, we’re left with 2 choices: change the emulator type to something Uipath support or using CV activities.

Both options turned out working. But I’d dive deeper in to the former. Basically, the back-end team had to change the bash setting of the account from WYSE type to VT type. From there, everything with terminal activities worked like a charm. I can iterate between different stages of the sequence: what’s my current screen, what’s the action…until I hit the end screen. Screen recognition are pretty much text-based so choosing the right keywords and the ordering of them during matching matter.

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