Wrong value returned from webpage (Type Into)

Hi All,

I’m trying to extract data from Yahoo Finance. However, while using ‘Type into’ for the search bar, looks like the results I got are incorrect.
Under my excel sheet 1, I have my first row named as ‘Stocks’ with APPL and BABA below it. While using ‘Type Into’ activity, with this filled : row.item(“Stocks”).ToString+ “[k(enter)]”, the searches seemed to be incorrect. It is searching for APP and BAB instead of APPL and BABA.

Any idea how I can fix this?


Hi ,

Seems like before typing the last letter the “Enter” hotkey is sent, try removing enter hotkey inside type into and go with click if there is any else try using send hotkey activity… also keep some delay after type into

Thanks Krishna, I have removed the enter within type into and use click after that instead.
All good. Appreciate it!

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