Wrong Timestamp In Orchestrator After Changing From UTC Coordinated Universal Time To A Specific UTC

Why is there a different timestamp in Orchestrator after changing it from UTC Coordinated Universal Time to a specific UTC?

Issue Description:
In Orchestrator 2022.10.0, if the time zone from (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time is changed to UTC+, the logs will be modified in the Orchestrator UI and the time will be displayed with the selected UTC+ hours.

Since the database inherits the server machine time, the logs from table [dbo].[logs] will be displayed with the additional time that is configured in the Orchestrator UI.


If the time-zone in the Orchestrator UI is configured with UTC +2, the logs will be displayed in Orchestrator and the database with 2 hours+ than the normal UTC+2.


The following is a workaround that can be used until a permanent fix is found and applied for this issue:

Change the NLOG configurations in UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config as follows:
Important: Before making any changes to the config file, we recommend to back it up into another directory.

Next, change the below line from this:

<parameter dbType="DateTime" name="TimeStamp" propertyItem="timeStamp" />

To this:

<parameter dbType="DateTime" name="TimeStamp" layout="${date:format=yyyy-MM-dd HH\:mm\:ss.fff}" />

Example from .dll.config:

Once the change is made in the .dll.config file, perform an IIS reset.