Writing values from a list into a Excel column - Using workbook activity


I am trying to write a list of values , into an excel column…Catch is I need to do this using workbook activities…

Appreciate your help.

Apurva Jagannatha

Hy @redwud800,

I am not sure I understood you
Could you explain better what you to?regards

I have a list_Age {23,45,66,22,33,44}.

I have a workbook with columns - Name,ID,DOB,Age. Where Age is dynamically calculated.
I need to enter values in the Age Column.
Hope its more clear.

Hy @redwud800,

Build a data table with a single column: age
You must do a for each loop with the list
Add each item to the new data table
Print the data table to excel in the age column