Writing to specific cells in excel

Hey Guys,So I have two sheets.One has the empty cells that need to be filled in with the values from the second sheet but in the corresponding cell title.Please find the screenshots below.Financials is one sheet and sheet1 is the other sheet.Now i need to move what is on sheet1 into financials but under the correct cell name.

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The second sheet(had rejected two uploads)

Hi @odure,

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I don’t know if the solution you are looking for is that simple. Maybe we can continue based on this answer.

Can the places of the read and write values ​​used here vary? Or will all data always come this way?

If it will always be constant, you can use ‘read cell’ and ‘write cell’ activities. I am sharing an example image below.

1-Excel file path
2-The sheet name in the second excel you want to read
3-Cell number of the value you want to get
4-The name of the sheet you want to write.
5-The number of the cell you want to write
6-The value you read in activity 3.



Thank you so much for your answer.The excel files will be constant but he extracted data will not be as some fields will be entered in the part for Income statment,other cash flow statement and others balance sheet so the input document will vary but the excel with the predetermined fields will not change.


You can use LookUp Range or Lookup Data Table acitivity for finding values on your datatable.