Writing range for headers

Hi All,

I’m trying to copy a range from a sheet in Workbook1 to Workbook2.
This data range will grow hence I set a range of A1:BBB500, so I do not have to keep updating the range each time the data updates.

The first row of the data are dates. However, when I write range on Workbook2, the blank cells are returning me ‘Column1 and Column2 etc.’ (As per screenshot).

Is there any way I can get UiPath to paste the blank dates as blank instead of naming them as Column1 and Column2?

I cannot untick ‘include column headers’ in write range activity as the first row are dates which I need.

Hello @victorialim ,

In Read Range & Write Range have you selected the check box “Add Headers” and still you are not getting the required columns as header?

Please clarify.

Firstof all if u dont know the range but u need the whole table , u dont need to specify the range , keep it as
blank /empty so bot will automatically identify the last column and last row

read range will slice only the the filled data block when the range is left empty (it works dynamic)

otherwise filter out columns having “Column” in first rows datacolumn values
calculate the missing dates and update the values with


Are you check the option “add headers” on the second write range?
There are specific range cells u must fill on the second workbook?

you can keep the range as empty or can give a “” in the range

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