Writing into excl


How to continue writing from sheet1 to sheet2 etc at atime


Hi Shruty, you could use a for each activity and create a variabile for the cycle.


Can you guide me more i didn’t get you


Use multiple Write Range or Write Cells in Sequence with required sheet names.

or read your excel sheet names(for each) and enter sheet name variable into Write Range or Write cells


i am reading excel sheet and updating “L” based on from and to date
example if from date =3 to date =7 in excel sheet “L” should be updated from 3 to 7
i am facing problem while i am trying to update from ex(may 31 to June 2)
i am not able update in different sheet at at time(ie may sheet and june sheet)and iam using append range bocz i need old data too


Append —> will have data of single sheet, if you need for two month you need to have two datatables and modify them as required and then Append into respective sheets.

or use Write cell (loop) with respective sheetnames.