Writing Extracted info to Excel

Hi guys,
I am extracting information from passports using DU.
I am using append range workbook and Write range workbook activities to write
the extracted information in an excel file.
However,there is one entry that is writing twice and I am just wondering what I could be doing wrong.
See below the properties of both activities.

Please help

Hi @J_Crosby ,

We are not able to see the Condition that you are using to Write or Append the data to workbook Excel.

Also, we see that the Write Range Workbook Activity is not inside the Else part but I believe Append Range workbook is inside the Then Block. Could this be the reason or the correction needed ?

@supermanPunch here it is

@J_Crosby ,

As already mentioned, could you try placing the Write Range Workbook activity inside the Else part and check if it is the result required ?

Also, if you could provide a bit more details on what is that value or field written twice, it could help us.

@supermanPunch I tried removing write range from else part and it didn’t create the excel file. Yes append range is inside the Then Block

@J_Crosby ,

From the Screenshots provided the Write Range activity was not in Else part in the first place it was outside of the If Activity.


@supermanPunch what is being written twice on my excel is the details of that “particular passport” that I used as a template document. Assuming I used the passport of David Lawrence as a template. In my output his details occupy the first and the last row e.g

1.David Lawrence
2.Dave Joe
3.Elsie Killy
4.Simon Wood
5.David Lawrence

Hope you get me now

@Anil_G @Palaniyappan @postwick any idea why this is happening?

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@J_Crosby ,

Was this suggestion checked ?

@supermanPunch it’s in the Else part

Instead of removing there in ELSE block
Remove the one which is placed after IF activity

See any how u r validating the file existence and appending or writing according within IF activity
So we don’t need again after IF condition

It has to be like

-Path exists
—-append range
—-Write range

Cheers @J_Crosby

@Palaniyappan see above,I think this is the structure you are suggesting or coz that’s what I have :thinking:

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no i think you have a write range again after IF condition isnt it
if yes remove it

have only one write range within ELSE block

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ooh my bad! I didn’t know I am supposed to click the ELSE then drop the activity in there @supermanPunch you were so right my write range was outside.
I just did that and it worked. Thank you guys for being patient with me.


hope its clarified @J_Crosby

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@Palaniyappan its very well clarified now,I am very grateful.

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