Writing down the values in the same excel for different run

Hi all
I am doing a process of calculating the webpage load timing. Each day I have to run 2 times,one in the morning and other in the end of the day. I have to write the values in the excel for both runs in the same excel (different columns) and have to take the average for the two runs in the separate column. Each day a report should be generated like this with the date.
Please help me with this as I am new to this concept. It will be grateful if you provide me with a xaml file

Thanks in advance


Please find the attached xaml file. TestFile.xaml (34.3 KB)

As per your requirement, i’ve used (AM,PM) condition to identify the time slot. You can also modify that acc. to your exact timings. Change default filepath parameter and give it a dry run.

Let me know incase of any queries. Cheers!:slight_smile:


Thank for your help​:blush::blush:
It worked

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