Writing Data Table values into a website

Hey there,

I have a data table of two columns which I want to write (row by row) into two different entry boxes on a website.

So, eg: I have the DT of oDealerOptionsDT and I want to write the first value of column 1 into ‘Description’ and the value beside it in column 2 (price) into the appropriate boxes in the screenshot.


I would assume I would need to have a for each loops to do this, but I’m unsure how to exactly? Could anyone please help?


Hi @dr1992
You can loop through your datatable and type values of each column into the textboxes.
Here’s an example:

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

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Hello @dr1992

To add the Description and price do you need to click on some button to generate these fields? or is it a static template?

Here you need to use the for each row in datatable to loop through the datatable and then a counter valriable to loop through the price and description field. Then you need to pass that counter variable to the selector of description and price to make it dynamic. and counter should increment within the foreach row in datatable activity.


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