Writing data from the Data table to excel gets duplicate data




I’m actually working on the two condition which includes “if”, “else” condition inside the data table iteration. Here, I’m writing the status into the data table which is “Pass” & “Fail” in seperate column name called “Status”.

Whenever writing the data table into excel column using the write range or append range. I’m getting duplicate data into excel output.

For eg:

imageName Email Status
123 abc@gmail.com Pass
456 bcd@gmail.com
789 cda@gmail.com
123 abc@gmail.com
456 bcd@gmail.com Pass
789 cda@gmail.com
123 abc@gmail.com
456 bcd@gmail.com
789 cda@gmail.com Pass


May be you are placing append range activity inside the loop
Place it on outside the loop.



I’m using the append activity outside the loop only.



Do you mind attaching workflow ?


No, for writing the status.