Hi all,

Can anyone help me please

I calculated loss value and trying to write in cell like this “LOSS CALCULATED”+((2).ToString)

But I’m getting error message like this The Range LOSS CALCULATED2 does not exist.

can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @saritha !
What is expected in “Cell” field of properties is a coordinate (like “A2”), so it will throw an error with “LOSS CALCULATED”+((2).ToString) :wink:

Thanks for ur reply

But when I used like this in another workflow which is shown here, It worked for me.
I’m attaching another workflow for reference.


Thanks in Advacne for ur reply.

You’re right, very interesting, I just tried with “Add1”, I don’t know why but there is no error thrown.
But it did change nothing in my sheet, so I think we got lucky.
If you try with any other element (like “Addy1” or “LOSS CALCULATED”+((2).ToString) it will throw the error because only coordinates are expected

Sorry i am correcting myself: it indeed wrote something but at the coordinate “ADD1” which really exist (after column Z there is AA, etc), so it is not sensible to uppercase characters

Hi Hiba,

U can see the change of (ADD1) if u go extreme right to excel sheet.
Even I missed that part first time and checked dragging all the way to right side to the excel sheet.
U can find it.Untitled1

np Hiba.

Yes noticed the same thing afterwards :joy:

May I know what might be my problem… Hiba.

So to conclude, to make the workflow works you need to specify a coordinate (“A”+ index.tostring to write results in the A column, or “B”+index.tostring to write results in the B column, etc) instead of “LOSS CALCULATED”+((2).ToString

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ok Hiba. thanks a lot .
Have a nice day.

You’re welcome, have a nice day

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