Writing a text file into a excel file for my ocr scrapped data

I want to put a structured scrap text file into a excel in row and column format as in the numeric values are put in a separated column and others in another column but i am not able to execute this.i am attaching my scrapped file hereCapture

If i can get a proper workflow would be great i can attach a workflow which i followed but still not able to do itread_text_to_csv_mine.xaml (11.4 KB)

Hi I’ve knocked somehting together, quite an interesting this one was, there might be a more efficient way of doing this but this works, don’t firget to change the file paths to yours though :slight_smile:

read_text_to_csv_mine.xaml (21.8 KB)

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Amazing Eliot ,i will work it out and let you know but seems it should work out.

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The code worked out. I seem to learn a lot more in this.

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