Writing 2 DT to excel and compare

Hi, I have 2 DTs, with same number of columns, and same header names, and in same order, both with some different data.
How do i write to the excel sheet such that they’re merged but side by side for each column?
E.g. Column1 of DT1, Column1 of DT2, Column 2 of DT1, Column 2 of DT2, …

Then compare the columns, e.g. Compare Column1 of DT1 and Column1 of DT2, if different then color cell. Compare Column2 of DT1 and Column2 of DT2, if different then color cell and so on…

Hi @Username95
Solution 1: paste the datatables column wise. Extract single columns from both data tables and keep writing them side by side. (For eg: extract Column A of DT1 and then column A of DT2 and keep incrementing the column loop until both data tables are completely pasted in excel). You can then do a value by value comparison for 2 columns.
Solution 2 and easier one: paste both the data tables in separate worksheets in excel workbook. Create a simple macro to do a column by column comparison and color fields where the values differ. Run it using UiPath.