WriteRangeX Excel Activity: Option Ignore empty source is ineffective

Hello - Here is a brief run down of what my StudioX automation is doing. I see that the Ignore empty source option is unable to prevent the WriteRangeX activity from failing.

Adding Headers to Excel tab during Initialization Tab and getting a Reference back to that Sheet
Therefore, as minimum requirement, the headers are already available in the Excel Tab at the beginning of the Automation

At the end of the Automation, the Referenced Excel Tab is cleared to remove any results from previous runs. Add Header option is enabled so that headers are always retained

Next, the Data Table is written to the Reference Excel Tab. The Data Table may be empty if no validation errors are found by the automation. The Append option has been enabled because the tab already has headers, and Exclude headers has been enabled because the Data Table has headers.
The Ignore empty source option has been enabled to ignore this step if Data Table is empty.

Regardless of the Ignore empty source option has been set to, the WriteRangeX action fails with this error.

Am I missing something here?

I found that there are no errors when I do this below, but it appends a duplicate header row to the Excel.

Basically the step is failing if:

  1. The source Data Table contains only the header row
  2. And if the Exclude headers option is disabled under such conditions

I guess then the WriteRangeX activity doesn’t stop at the Ignore empty source option? It seems to be going ahead and trying to add the Range anyways?

I’d like to be able to repro this correctly and understand how we are manipulating the Excel file, would it be possible for you to provide a sample project that reproduces this behaviour?

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