こんにちは。UiPath Studio EnterPrise版ユーザの初心者です。


まずはUiPath Excel add-in が正しくインストールされているか確認ください



Hi @gorby

Add UiPath extensions in the tools tab of UiPath Studio.

  1. Ensure that you have the correct Excel file open in UiPath. The file should be opened using the “Excel Application Scope” activity before using the WriteCellX activity.
    Make sure that the sheet name is correct. Specify the sheet name in the “SheetName” property of the WriteCellX activity. By default, the activity uses “Sheet1” if no sheet name is specified.
    Provide the correct cell address in the “CellAddress” property. For example, to write to cell I1, you would specify “I1” in the CellAddress property.

2.In the WriteCellX activity, click on the “Indicate in Excel” button next to the “CellAddress” property.
This will switch the UiPath Studio window to Excel and activate the cell selection mode.
Move your mouse cursor to the desired cell location (I1 in your case) and click on it.
The selected cell address will be automatically populated in the “CellAddress” property of the WriteCellX activity.
By using this “Indicate in Excel” feature, you can easily specify the location to write in Excel without having to manually enter the cell address.

Hope it helps!!