Write users into app with same ID

Hello boys and girls,

I am new here, and if is possible to get some help from robot masters from this community I will be appreciate that.

In this moment I work on some Citrix automation, and so far so good is ok, but I need help on last part of workflow.
My requirements is;
User prepare batch for payment
User enters ID on field
Robot read that ID from app, also read excel file with three columns(Claim, Amount, ID), if IDs is same, Robot enters necessary Claim for that ID from excel, but I have some same IDs with different Claims, how can I automate that part, in main page of app stays that ID, but Claims I must write in new rows of app, I think I must use For Each loop.

Thank you all


Hi @Predator Let me tell you what I get it from your question.
User is entering an ID on a field.
Robot is getting the ID from that field and also matches the ID from the row it reads from the excel.
If the ID matches, it enters the claim (excel row) in the application.

If your application accepts the multiple claims for each ID, you can use for each loop to iterate through the excel.

Please let me know if the context I get is right or not. Or please elaborate your question.

Correct, first part is ok, I have, but problems starts when I have more Claims from one ID, I can’t automate that part

Which part exactly? Why can’t you use for each?

The part when I have more claim numbers for one ID, I used For each row, but RoBot enters just first claim twice.

@Predator can you post your for each logic here.