Write the header of an email

I have a process in which I need to paste the header of an email into an application. I have all the variables, sender, from,date. My problem is that the in the type into activity writes it all often and I need it to write it like this:

From: Support soporte@gva.es
Sent on: Monday, May 31, 2021 1:31 PM
To: Maria xxx xxx.xxxx@xxx.com;
Subject: I do not have access to application

May we ask you to elaborate on this or to show us what is received and how it differs?

What about String.Format(“From: {0}”, yourSenderVar) …

or creating the different lines line by line, add each line to a string list and use
String.Join(YourLineBreakString, YourMessageLineList)

I’ll try. Thank you very much for the help

I need you to write it to me like this:

From: Soporte soporte@dgt.es
Date: lunes, 31 de mayo de 2021 13:31
Sender: Maria Lxxx Oxxx Gxxx xxx.xxxx@xxx.com;
Subject: No tengo acceso a la aplicación

And he’s writing it to me like this:

From: soporte_industria@gva.esDate lunes, 31 de may de 2021To: Maria Lxxx Oxxx xxx@atento.comSubject: Necesito retirada de Pc

I have to write this email data(From, To, Date, Subject) in an application with a type into activity and I need it to be separated by lines

some starter were given. Format or List & String Join.

Depending on where you type into the text. Give a play on the line breaks. For web related format maybe the html <br> tag could help. In case of <br> is recognized to quoted &lt;br&gt; give a try if the enter key “ABC[k(enter)]DEF” is regonized as line break

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It was solved with “[k(enter)]”, thank you very much.

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