Write the data table to excel sheet based on if conditions

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Can anyone please let me know , how to write the data table to excel sheet based on if conditions.
For Eg., I need to update the column(salary) for Emp whose ID is 1 and 4(based on current month) and update the excel sheet with the updated values.

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Hi ,

  1. The Linq can be used to Update the Columns in the Datatable .
  2. Then Write range can be used to write Output to Excel.

Can you elaborate the Scenario to Update the salary Column for Linq .

Need to check for the current month and update the salary column for Emp ID 1 and 4

Hi ,

write-the-data-table-to-excel-sheet-based-on-if-conditions.xaml (8.5 KB)

I want without using the linq code. Can you please help me in it.
And i want in excel sheet which row the data should be inserted into. Like starting from A2


Check below post for your reference how you can write to datatable

Hope this helps you