Write the captured value in respective DT row

We are reading the Input file (which has project name and SupplierID Column ) and stored in Data table

Below is the screenshot of Input File and stored in DT

Reading multiple PDF files (using read PDF text activity) and capturing values(Quality,Cost,Delivery,Technology from PDF file content & Supplier ID from the File name of the PDF files) and storing in Variable.

Our Requirement:
We want to match the supplierID column from DT with the Supplier ID captured from the File name and write the Quality,Cost,Delivery,Technology values in respective supplier ID row in the DT

Getting below error once it is reached if "Supplier ID matches " activity :

Please find the screenshot of the workflow

If statement in inside for each row data table


Can you try the following steps?

First, remove (or disabled) Assign activity inside ForEachRowinDataTable : SupplierID = CurrentRow("SupplierID") , because this overwrites value extracted from filename.

Then use the following condition in IF activity.



@Yoichi I have removed assign activity and changed the condition … it is going to else block


Can you try the following condition, if content of SupplierID variable contains except “supplier ID”?


If the above doesn’t work, can you check (or share) content of SupplierID variable and CurrentRow(“SupplierID”).ToString?


it is working now after i have assigned different variable name (FinalSupplierID) after capturing only the supplier ID from the file name

and if condition CurrentRow(“SupplierID”).ToString=FinalSupplierID

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