Write text to new open window by using 'Use Application/browser' activity

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I am working on a assignment in which i have to create new ticket on BMC by filling required details in different fields. I am able to open BMC and fill different details except one field called ‘Problem Location’. While using click activity to fill details in same field there one new window is getting open in which i am using ‘type into’ activity to type value ‘GLOBAL’ in site field but this is not working as per expectation and throwing error on ‘type into’ activity. I have also tried to achieve it by using web recording but getting same error. Any leads would be appreciated. I am attaching screenshot where used activity is getting stuck for reference.


Hello @shekharhimanshu627

  1. Did we try to use Select Item Activity ? If not, Please try using it. Please make sure that the value GLOBAL is present in the list.
  2. If you are facing Selector Not found exception, then please check if the selector is valid and if it is changing dynamically.

If still facing issue, can you please share the Error Message ?


Hi @jeshwanthaloy,

I think Robot is not able to recognize the new opened window(as per screenshot) where i am using ‘type into’ activity to write ‘GLOBAL’ in Site+ field.

Can you please try the below,

  1. Use Attach Window activity and indicate the window (if this works please try the next)
  2. Use select item or Type into within the attach window scope do perform your actions.


I am already using "attach window’ activity to open BMC. I am getting this new small window as mentioned in screenshot after clicking on “Problem Location” field.


Yes, you shall use another Attach window activity and indicate the small window to configure the other activities into it.


@jeshwanthaloy It is working fine for me, thanx for suggestion


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Thanks for the update @shekharhimanshu627 .

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Happy automation :slight_smile:


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