Write text file after search


How do I write to a text file the value of my search and the text that appears in the field I circled?

Remembering that it’s a flow that will always appear this text, I just need to know that these searches gave this result, so I don’t search them anymore.


you can use an element exist activity, and then validate if the text exist, then use a get text activity and then write your value with an type into activity.


Hello @Rodrigo_Buch ,

First use an Element exists or Check App State to verify whether the element present of not. If present then,
to get the values you can use Get text activity and store it to a variable.
Then you can use Write Text File activity to write it to text file.

Activities to use:
Get Text activity
Write Text Activity

I understood @fernando_zuluaga @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
But I also wanted to record the value of my search, this search I’m taking from a spreadsheet and I’m already inside a for each row data table

use a type into activity and pass the values

currentRow("yourColumnName").ToString + " " + yourGetTextVariable


Hello @Rodrigo_Buch ,

Where you want to record? Inside the text file?

Then as you mentioned you are in the For each row in datatable activity. Then you can use the CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString to get the value and write that to text file.

Its better to append all the valeus to a variable and then write to the text file.

I tried this way but it didn’t write anything to the file and there was no error


Can you share the screenshot of the entire flow, including the for loop.
Also to check whether the data is properly fetched, can you print the value in a Message box. If it is blank, then you have to modify the selector to fetch the correct value.

Now this is correct, I put the fixed text because it will always have the same text when entering this flow.

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