"Write Text Failed" error using Type Into and Send Hotkey activities

Hello. I’m running a workflow which processes tickets in our Customer Relationship Management software where one of the required steps involves typing letters and hitting enter in a text field. In a run of circa 200 tickets, the workflow will fail on this step about three or four times; the robot will perform the action as desired but then a “Write Text Failed” error appears and the robot stops. I have read on other forum posts that this is a known error for the Send Hotkey activity but I’ve switched to Type Into and this is still happening, even when using Windows Messages. Is there any way to avoid this error happening at all? It’s quite frustrating to have to restart the robot after failing on a step that is performed fine 99% of the time.

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@MattFella Did you find any solution for this ?

did you know solution for this ?

did you find the solution?