Write Rangle - Single string


Let say im building excel file. Depends on column i input data from Datable or i have to input constant string value.


Coulumn1 ( from DT ) | Column2 ( All rows with string " FALSE " )

I know i can just iterate through datable and input cells →
For each row in datable {
Write Cell A+Counter


But i think personaly it`s quite not efficient with multiple columns.

What i would like to aquire is something like on below image, but i know i cannot use string type variable in Write Range, so is there any walkaround?


instead of updating it cellwise you can prepare / use the datatable with a second column, set it to False and write range

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Hi @Add_Bddd ,

You could use Add Data Column Activity with Default value as “False”

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Thank you @ppr @supermanPunch

That what i though could be done, but was not sure at all. Marked as solution, thank you both!

Have a look on the option: DataColumn.Expression as you can also use for the datatable column value setting to FALSE

How to Update Data Column Values of a Data Table | Community Blog

dtData(“ColStatus”).Expression = “‘FALSE’”

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