Write Range Workbook: Row number must be between 1 and 1048576 (Parameter 'cellAddressInRange')

I’m handling the Excel automation. A Master sheet will be included in that for comparison with the other two Excel sheets. If the rows match the master sheet, it must update the other row in the Excel sheet.

For this, I’m utilizing the join data table activity (inner join).I then encounter a problem while writing the data table into the write range workbook activity.

showing the error like this Source: Write Range Workbook

Message: Row number must be between 1 and 1048576 (Parameter ‘cellAddressInRange’)

Exception Type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException

and also specified the cell reference in which I wanted to write the data table.

Thanks in advance

HI @chandrakala.productanalys

Have you tried with Excel Application Scope and Write range (i.e., Classic Activities)?

If not try with that once and check.


I’m using only the classic activities like read range workbook

In Classic Excel You have two kinds

One is Workbook Activities and other one is Excel Activities

As You are using Workbook activities , try using Excel Activities

Workbook Activities - There will be no containers you will be giving the file path directly in the activity
Excel Activities - There will be a Container called Excel Application Scope you will pass the Filepath here and then use the activities inside that activity.


Even though the entry workflow was developed using the classic activities, I am still encountering the same error.