Write Range to SpreadSheet displays the formula not the result

Is it possible to calculate mathematical result inside a datatable then write it in a workbook? I have an excel table with 3 columns Price, Quantity and Total Cost. Total Cost Column is empty and needs to be calculated. I stored the entire excel table in a DataTable, then applied For Each Row on the data table and calculated the row index number for each current row which is an int32 value. I was able to write the correct formula for Total Cost Column in the data table by using rowindex value and string manipulation.

When I am writing the result in a spread sheet it displays the formula not the result. E.g. (=A2*B2). My question is how can we get the exact result not the formula?

I Was able to obtain result with Write Cell Activity, but I want to avoid it.

Uipath Project.zip (498.2 KB)

Hi @Arijit_Sarkar,

Use excel application scope and try to use write range inside.



Thank you so much! It worked. Do you know why it works in Excel Application scope and did not work in Workbook?

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