Write Range Issue in Community Edition 2018.3

While using write range activity in Edition 2018.3 facing issue related to writing data in new xlsx. For first file suppose we have 100 records, it writes correctly but for second file which contains only 50 records when we go to write, it rewrite only 50 records and it keeps 50 records of first file as it is in second write too but we don’t face this problem in Edition 2018.2.

Did you check weather it is appending or writting after deleting all the data of previous file then you are writing the new data??

@Divyashreem Actually it is overwriting only some data rows and the old data remains as it is . It is now deleting the previous records only the data which we want to write is overwritten.

Overwriting is depeding in number of input rows you have…

Can you share a reproducing project (xaml and excel file) ?

Roll back to previous excel package version :grinning:

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If you got solution please mark it as solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Will try it now and let you know @Vivek_Arunagiri

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I would like to see your scenario and test it with the latest package, to understand what and why broke. Please share the project so we can investigate further.


Could you provide us with more information? We are trying to track down all bugs :slight_smile:

We would really like to see the sample of the project together with the Excel file that caused the misbehavior
(please replace confidential information with placeholder text)

Yes Sure Vl send u the project.
Thank You.