Write Range in Excel and how to find this transaction item is very first in Queue

question 1:
I am writing into Datatable using Adddatarow and in set transaction.xml using append range to append the datatable, if there are 5 transactions in my queue. It is appending 5 transactions succesfully. The issue is happending while writing into Excel using writerange,It missing the first transactionitem if i keep Add to headers checkbox =True.
How can i solve this and my excel should have all 5 transactions.

Question 2:
Whenever i ran the queue. How can i get the very first transaction item in queue
Ex: there are 10 transactions, i need the first transaction item information.

Any leads helps me

Hi @Chaitan,

1-I didn’t fully understand this. Please share if you are getting an error.

2-I’m not sure this is the most correct solution but the first thing that comes to my mind is to find the total number of items with new status first and then bring it to the last item with it.


I have used the Transaction number to get the first queue item

Question 1:

In my Append range i have 3 rows in excel. But when am writing back to excel it is only writing 2 items, the firts row is replacing with column headers. I want 3 rows in my excel report


I didn’t think so simple. :slight_smile: If you know this trick of course, but normally you have to go to a file to know it as well. It is not recommended to go to the transaction-based whole in the use of the queue.

You are probably using a ready-made template, if so try the Append Range activity.

I am not using any template. Creating the excel file while write range