Write Range - Error

Hello all,

I have an Excel file with columns A-K, in which the last two columns are formula driven.

I am writing my DT into Excel on Columns A-I (I don’t have any extra columns on my DT) but for some reason is deleting my last two columns on the sheet that are formula driven.

Any ideas on this?


You can write full datatable (A-K) to Excel file and save it. Afterthat use Insert/Delete Column into an Excel Application Scope in order to delete 2 last columns

I am actually writing a datatable in the specific range that I need it to go to but it’s still overwriting my formulas. I don’t need to delete the formulas (Last two columns) since they should be updating as I copy the data into the file.

I am having a similar problem. I use Excel Write Range to write a data table in an specific Worksheet range. However once the values are copied the values in other cells (not in target range) are deleted. If you find the solution please posted it here.

Main.xaml (7.8 KB) Test (2).xlsx (9.2 KB)

I have tried the above scenario and write range dose not delete the values of other columns.
I have attached xaml and excel file that i have used. Please take a look.

Possible Solutions.

  1. Select Range before Write Range
  2. Double check the Worksheet name ensuring it is correct
  3. Review options of ExcelApplicationScope (AutoSave, CreateNewFile, MacroSetting, ReadOnly, Visible)