Write Range Error: Bad File Name or Number

Hi, everyone.

I have the write range activity (workbook) that would write a dtvalue in excel. That specific activity produces the write range error: bad file name or number and i couldn’t find any discussion related to it. I already checked the details and they are all correct so I’m not sure why there’s an error.

Hope you can help me on this. Thank you!

@bbhyuns Are you using a variable as the filename in the Write Range Activity or is it a Hardcoded String value ?

i use an argument for the file name. would that be a problem? i have other write range using the same argument as file name and it works.

@bbhyuns Can you use Write Line and Check the Value of the argument that you get. Also try Hard coding the value and check if you are able to get it working.

i used write line to check if the argument is null but it contains the correct value but i’ll try if hard coded will work

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I had faced this issue. Can you check the full path that you pass as a filename. Sometimes , when we pass the full path , there could have been a missing \ back slash.

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Hi, thanks!

I’m using the argument in another write range activities and it works. It just doesn’t work in that one activity.

Hi! Thank you for this. I tried hard coded but it still wont work and the same error is produced.

@bbhyuns - Can you share the screenshot of write range activity in question?

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Hi @bbhyuns,

Pls print the excel path and check manually are you able to access the path and path is correct.

If still you are facing an issue pls share the screenshot.


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Hi, everyone. Thanks for your help! I resolved the issue, i have some errors with the range string so I just corrected that and then it worked!

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