Write Range delete everything behind that column

Hey Guys! I have a trouble here.
I’m trying to write that two columns there, but when it happens, delete ALL the values behind that column…
Suggestions? :confused:

if possible may i know what procedure was used in the sequence with a screenshot
Cheers @Enzo_Rossetti

Well, I’m using a dynamic index to find the column to paste.
here is the write range

is that excel is newly created or are we trying to append to the already existing one
–if new one write range is fine
–if we are trying to append to the existing one then we need to use Append range

then may i know what is the value of the range variable mentioned ColumnaTotal

Cheers @Enzo_Rossetti

I’m trying to paste it to an existing excel file. But when you use append range… you can’t select the column and the row to paste all the table
In this case I want to paste the table in “U9”
How can I do it with append range?