Write Range creating 1 extra row with 1 piece of data

I am running a write range to create an excel document from a data table. When it creates the excel, it puts in 1 extra row with just the first column filled in. Not sure why it is doing this? I am getting the data table by pulling a table from an email body using an extract HTML activity.
Here is a screenshot of the process and of the excel that is created incorrectly. Also a picture of the original table from the email.

Hi @atarantino !
Several issues are possible:

  • just to be sure, if you erase 2nd and 3rd lines then run the bot, does it still write “Joe” in A3 ?
  • if you used a build datatable, check if there is one more line with the info Joe at the first column. If there is, just remove the line.
  • did you check all your mails ? It’s possible that you have 2 mails, one with an HTML body complete, and another mail that only has for content Joe

Let us know if I am unclear !

Thank you for the response. i am new to UiPath and RPA dev in general so please excuse me if i ask silly questions or don’t understand entirely:

    • Yes the i’ve tried to erase and start new and each time it does the same
    • not sure how to build a datatable.
  1. the emails that are coming over all have the same table in it. it is an alert system that gives me the information of my employees. each time they look the same.

thanks again!

@atarantino there are no silly questions !
Thank you for the answers. Do you mind sending us the xaml file so we look into it further ?
Also, is it possible to have a sample of the table that exists in the mails so we can use it and run it as a test ?