Write range, append function not working

I am trying to do a conditional for loop with Excel with 2 separate sheets.

In the first sheet I have a list of names, sex, and occupation. I am trying to pull the whole row/range out if the particular occupation is an “auditor” to a specific range in the next sheet.

But the process keeps returning the last value: “Jerry”. Where instead I want to have “James”, “Jacob”, “Joseph”, and “Jerry” as they all are “auditor”.

I have ensure to tick the append box, and still having my data overwritten instead.

I can attach anything as I am a new user.

Hello @Dennon_Seet

Could you please attach the workflow and the excel sheet you are working with?


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If you unable to attach anything here, then use google drive and post the link

As we need to see the workflow to understand the issue


@Srini84 & @anupamck
Indeed I should have thought of google drive sharing.


here is the link for the files, with a explanation of what I am trying to achieve in the excel “readme” sheet.

Hope we can group think together

@Dennon_Seet - Are you planning to do this in Studio or StudioX? Just making sure…

Planning to do on StudioX @prasath17

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@Dennon_Seet - No access to download the files

Also, is it possible brief your requirement with some screenshots and sample data?

I’m so bad at this. My bad. I have revised the Google drive permission. Please let me know if its OK now.

In my excel file, there is a tab with a brief summary of what I am trying to achieve. Hope that tab helps

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@Dennon_Seet - I was able to achieve it using the counter …

Workflow file:
WriteRange_Append.zip (159.4 KB)

Note: Save for Later activity is available in the version starting 20.10.6 i guess…

Hope this helps…


@prasath17 Amazing. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. But do you know why my original solution does not work when I try to force a specific range using write range instead of using counter. As in why does it keep over-writing the data.

@Dennon_Seet - To be honest, I have tried various approach including If condition with Write Range and Append Range using Current Index…all the approach has been failed…

My Understanding is: Since we are giving the range as hardcoded value, say j4: L4 if you think logically…everytime the current row gets in it will read j4 to L4 and try to append the data in J5 to L5…that’s why we were getting only last line output…

If the data is in table or datatable or sheet this will work perfectly…

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@prasath17 That make sense. This has been great so far on my UIPath journey as a first mini project. Really appreciate your help! :grin:

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