Write range activity write numbers as text (')

Hi !! I am trying to extract regex matches from a pdf to a datatable. It is numerical data (€) but when I use write range activity it writes the data in text format (with single quote / apostrophe at the beginning) and I cannot operate with them correctly. How can I write the data in numeric format (double or decimal)? I have to use system write range, since I don’t have MS Excel on my work computer to use excel application scope.

although i’m not 100% sure, I don’t believe you can change the type when using the system write range activity due to the nature of how it works in the backend (altering the .zip file directly rather than using the excel application itself to change the file).

Can the downstream process not utilize the excel document if it is showing as text instead of numeric? Perhaps you could write a simple VBA or VB script for them that will automatically change the column(s) from text format into numeric? The robot wouldn’t be able to run the script without excel installed though, you’d have to show the downstream users how to use it themselves