Write numbersin an order in a specific row

Hi there,
i want to start writing numbers from C4 to CV104, beginning with 1 and ending with 100.
The problem is, that there are already numbers in that range, but i want to overwrite it somehow, so thats in an order.

How can i do this?

Thanks, mcLauge

For i=1 to 100 
    writecell activity, address = "C" + (i+3).ToString , Value = i
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can i do this also with activities?
because i don´t know where to write this code in my programm. I only worked with activities so far:sweat_smile:

My previous solution will insert numbers only in the C column.
I understood wrongly your question.
I will post the sample XAML here for your requirement.

Here is the sample project which inserts 1 to 100 numbers starting from Column A to Column CV.
TestProcess.zip (33.1 KB)

Please alter the code as per your requirement.

Karthik Byggari

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Thank u very much Karthik for ur sample!

Do u know how i can start writing from column C?
I found the way on how to write in row 4, but can´t find a way to declar the starting column.

Would appreciate very much if u could help me with this also.

Kind regards :grin:

In my attached XAML,

Please change the default value of i to 3
and in for loop change the range to 103. (replace 100 with 103)

Hi Karthik,

sorry for the inconvenience, but if I change the default value and the range, based on how you told me to, it still starts at column A to write.

Any other idea on how to start at column C?

Thank u very much for ur help

Kind regards





i changed the right side of the assign activity for modulo, by changing it into dividend + 1, so it starts at the third cell, but now i have an exception for write cell. I know this because i tried it before and it worked perfectly but now somehow i get this exception


but i haven´t changed anything.

You should not change modulo assign activity.

Karthik Byggari