Write MM hh:mm date format at the end of excel file

I tried that but it doesnt work :
DateTime.Now.ToString(“MM hh:mm”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)

@Soudios - Do you like to add just MM hh:mm to the end to the existing cell value? If yes, what is your existing cell value??

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Just do…

Now.ToString(“MM hh:mm”)

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It works but it i need to have the entire time :

Example : 05 09:15 =>05 21:15

It’s not in a cell but at the end of the file name

Now.tostring(“MM hh:mm:ss”) if you are looking for 12hr format because if you don’t add tt at the end you might not know whether the file created in the morning or noon

Now.tostring(“MM HH:mm:ss”) if you are looking for 24hr format


Hope this helps…

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Perfect Thank you !

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