Write into n-th row of existing Excel file

Hi all,

so I have an existing Excel file as my database which I want to write the variables of my screen activities into. The problem is that some rows (mostly the first 8-9) are already filled with information about the columns, so I need to start the for-row-loop after the last filled row. One way to do this would be to use Append Range with a data table I created containing the values I need to append; however, I have 90+ columns, so building it by hand before would be tricky. Is there a smarter way to read the info from the existing file and just paste the variables underneath?

Thank you all in advance!

Edit: I should perhaps also specify that I don’t need to fill in the cells for every column but only about 20-30% of my existing columns.

while using read range activity we can mention the range from the row we actually want to start from buddy like this
Which would read from the 9th row of the excel and make sure that you have disabled the Add headers property in the read range activity
Kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly
Cheers @BintaS

Hey, thanks for your reply! I’m not sure how starting with the reading part there translates into how I can start writing into the proper parts of the table, would you maybe kindly explain this? Or is the only way to manually build the huge data table and just append it there (although then again I’m not sure how to match the variables to their unique columns)? :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks so much!

Well @BintaS

You can probably use Merge data table using the same column name.,

What it would do is append the value sin the same column (as the column names given are the same) and so on.

But, if you want to edit or fill the existing values then it is better to read the range and edit the data table and then again ‘Write range’ by adding headers.

Hope this solves your query, else please post screenshots and examples on what you need.,

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