Write in seconde free row

Hey guys, new day new challenge.
I’d like to write smth e.g. “ABC” in the second free row and in column E in Excel. Is there an opportunity ?
If possible: please explain it to me as easy as possible :slight_smile:
Thank you very much


I hope this helps

Excel.Sheet("Sheetname").Cell("E" + (Excel.Sheet("Sheetname").RowCount+2).ToString)


I thank u so much. It took me ages … but now I finally got it

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Happy Automation


Create a datatable with 5 columns. Add a blank row. Add your data as the next row. Append Range to the Excel file.

Now I have indeed another question, since the described activity works.
I now would like to format the entire last row (which is now the row with “ABC” in it).
Therefore I use the format cells activity. But I dont find the right expression to type in the source field.

Do you have any idea? I tried the first string but it hasnt worked.


The same works…instead of cell use range

Excel.Sheet("Sheetname").Range("E" + (Excel.Sheet("Sheetname").RowCount+2).ToString)