Write excel sheet dynamically

I have a data I need to enter each data row by row.
the number data might be anything. How to do this?


Can you please elaborate on the query :frowning:

fetach data from ui, add to collections.
strings present in collections add to excel and then remove duplicates

if I can add collection object at a single stretch pls suggest. I am using
for each value in collection:
value—>add to excel of row 1
value2–>add to excel of row 2
etc etc

Don’t add it to excel, add it to datatable and use the property of remove duplicate on the datatable

can you send any sample example of data table since I am not aware

Please find the attached XAML for reference!!!

Sequence.xaml (5.3 KB)

I am not getting proper output. I am gee=tting system.data.tostring

table2222 table22223

Can you please pass me the XAML file!!!

As far I see you are adding rows and then you will be removing the duplicate entries!!!

Can anyone help me for column duplicate removal