Write Excel Header Name based on App Output and rearrange column

I need to Write Values based on Application output in three columns “High”, “Medium”, “Low”
Sometimes “High Value” is present but not Medim and Low, in this case i need to create two columns with above name and assign each row = 0 and diff scenarios.

I have attached scenario list and excel format, please help me with this, i’m new bee to Uipath.

TempCode.txt (939 Bytes)
Temp Code.xlsx (7.9 KB)


Find attached below the first case scenario that you mentioned in your text file. All other cases are similar to this one and you can derive them from it.

Feel free to get back in case you find any problem.

Forum_Headers.xaml (10.5 KB)


Sorry for late reply, thank you for your help, it worked

You’re welcome!

Feel free to tag me if you have any other questions.

I’m Creating PIVOT Table from an Excel Sheet and some of the columns are empty, i want this particular cell to assign zero.
I used For Each Row and used If condition : CurrentRow(“Direct”).ToString.Contains(“”)
Assign : CurrentRow(“Direct”) = “0”, it’s not working ?? can you help with other option ?

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