Write excel data in word template

Hi all,
I have over hundred of data in excel and I need to write them in the word template. My approach now is to read the cell one by one and save each of them as a variable. Then use replace text activity to write them in word.

But this required me to create tons of activities and variables, are there any faster ways to do it. Thank you.

HI @Katrina

Can You tell exactly how you created your workflow if possible share the screenshot of the flow?

You can try this if you not done before

  • Fill alphabets in the each column in the word document like A1,B1,C1 like this here is the document updated

Q2 Revenue.docx (35.7 KB)

  • Now read range and store in a var
  • Assign a counter =1 where counter is integer datatype.
  • Loop through all the rows
    • Kill Process “Word” and check the continue on error
    • Delay for 2 secs
    • Word Scope
      • Use Replace text and search for “A”+Counter.ToString ,etc …
      • At the end use another assign for incrementing
        Counter = Counter+1

Here is the sample flow SS and xaml file

Main.xaml (14.9 KB)

Extra Info : I have these dependencies

you need to check your version for particular\necessary dependencies if the xaml file shows unresolved activity

I tried this and it worked you can try this at your end also

Hope this Helps



Hi @Katrina that sounds similar to this… Mail merge using an Excel spreadsheet

Is not need to use Uipath to do that task…

I can extract all the data now, I appreciate your help very much.

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