Write Datatable data to portal in between data to enter as tables

Hi Team,

I have a situation like i have a filtered datatable and i need to paste it in between the two parah’s in a template as tables. How can i do that. I tried with copy paste activities but failed.



Input the Source Datatable and write to a Temporary Datatable Variable

Once you write the Temporary Datatable Variable to the template you can clear the Datatable

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By using which activity i can write data table in text file

format of the table you need to write to Text file



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If your template is a word document then would recommend to install UiPath.word.activities package and use Insert datatable


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I have a template like the above screen shot and i need to enter table in the blue box like second screen shot


You can keep a indicator saying some value like

where you can mention here


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Hi Srini,

Its not a word document. Its an Email template. I cant use email activities here so i need to use copy and paste activities.