Write data of a data table to specific columns on Excel file


I am working on a project wherein I need to write the contents of my data table to specific columns on my Excel sheet.

The excel sheet has the following headers:

while my data table has the following headers:

Is there any way I can write the data to their respective places on Excel given that there are columns on the Excel file that have to be skipped. These columns are for formulas. Formulas are just overwritten when I tried to write the data table wherein I insert extra columns first to match the schema of the excel.

Thank you!

Add the missing columns then reorder to match Excel, then just use Write Range or Append Range.


For each set of columns its better you use a filter datatable activity to match the columns and then use write range with cell number…because if not the values would be over written if formula are not inserted

Eg: you can use filter datatbe and have columns from ID to address and then use write range with cell number as E2

Same can be followed for other columns

Hope this helps


You Can use merge Data table the values for the req columns will be filled…
if you want to remove the empty columns you can use filter data table

Thanks for your response! I’ve tried this one, however, the formulas are being overwritten.

Thanks for the idea! I would definitely try this one.

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That’s a completely different issue. Search the forums to learn how to deal with formulas.

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