Write data in an excel according to the current date

I have information from a notepad, and I must take it to an excel, it has two columns. Column A has dates, and column B is for writing the notepad information.

I must write the information in column b, according to the location of column a is equal to the current date.

To get today date, use datetime.today

It looks like it is being separated by a comma in your .txt file

Based on what you’ve shown, I would recommend using a read text file to get everything as a single string. Then you can separate it into an array of strings by environment.newline.

Now you can iterate through this array of strings and split each individual string into an array again, but this time it should be by the comma. During this time you can also be adding to a new row in a datatable.

After iterating through every line, you can use a ‘write range’ activity to write it all into excel. Be sure to NOT check the ‘add headers’ so that way the “date” and “Data” headers will still be added into your excel in the first row

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