Write counter Excel file

How can I write an accountant in an excel cell?

for each file that the counter opens, it has to increase


I open the file and in cell “A1” I write the counter “01” I save and when I open the same file again in cell “A2” I will write the counter “02”

I hope you can help me

Let’s take the same excel cell A1
Like use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and use READ CELL activity and get the current data from that cell and store that in a variable of type string named str_input

Now use a assign activity and mention like
str_output = Convert.ToInt32(str_input.ToString)+1

—being inse the same excel application scope use now WRITE CELL ACTIVITY and mention the cell position as “A”+str_output.ToString.TrimStart(“0”)
And input as str_output.ToString

So whenever the file is opened that cell value will be updated to its next value and saved
Cheers @Ivan_torres_oliva

I will try and answer you

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Cheers @Ivan_torres_oliva