Write code on the local pc but run it on the remote server


My task is: use abbyy to open pdf, and do some processing based on abbyy.

My situation is: abbyy charge based on license, so we only have one installed on the remote server, the remote server also has a uipath robot, but we also only have uipath studio to develop code on the local pc. I need to write code on local pc to execute the remote server’s software.After development, i need to publish it and run the package on the remote server.

My question is : when I use citrix to execute, it cannot work to open application and then do other works. When I use normal recording, it also didnt work.

Any idea?


so as i understand it:

you’re developing code on your local machine utilising abbyy in a citrix environment.

then, when you publish you’re no longer running abbyy in a citrix environment because its all on the same remote machine?

Your selectors and stuff will be wrong, which is probably why its failing. are you able to open studio on the remote machine? you’ll have to update parts of your automation to work.

Otherwise, please provide the errors you’re receiving so help can be accurately provided.

I’d suggest having your development and production machine being 1:1 matches, or with only slight documented variations, otherwise you’ll continue to run into this problem as you automate more processes.