Write Cell to Excel - Double

I use Write Cell to write a value to my spread sheet.

The variable (“balVal”) is of data type Double. Example of value is 7.89 (note the dot, not comma).

Because of my geography we use comma as a decimal separator.

UiPath seems to require that I pass a string to the Write Cell activity, so I’ve tried: balVal.ToString.Replace(“.”,“,”) and it does indeed write the value like 7,89 - BUT Excel doesn’t see it as number, but instead text. Beforehand I’ve set up the cells in Excel as number.

Anyone with experience on this matter?

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you should check this

Hi @peterelbek,

Did you selected the whole column and format the column to number.

None of the above solutions worked for me. In the end I solved it with
“=” & myVariable.ToString


this is so cool, i didnt know you can mark your own answer as a solution :smile:

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